Bio Synthetic Wood

1 Ton of IBSC.
(Industrial Bio Synthetic Compound)


1m³ of Bio Synthetic Wood.
(equivalent to 100 plates of 1m² with 1 cm thickness)


Industrial Applications:
Pallets, boxes, containers, levers, pipes, profiles, moulds, shims, industrial racks, racks for drugstores and supemarkets, industrial stairs.

Applications for Civil Constructions:
Rafters, props, platforms, beams, pannels, stairs, ceiling, concrete forms, pre-manufactured buildings and houses.

Decks, flooring, partition walls, piers, miter/casing, stairs, bridges, siding, furniture.

Truck floor and siding, railcars, non-slip floors, floors to maneuver areas, railroad tiles, traffic signs.

 Fence poles, Corrals, Silos, Barns...

Several applications:
Crosspieces for eletrical systems, Containments for land and water, Soundproofing elements, other kinds of constructions.

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