Equipments , Screws and Barells

Raw materials automated storage and supply systems.

Large size extruders, series EKT FW-EXE / G with output of 1000-6000 kg / hr.

BSW Lamination line, modelo EKT FW-L3000/1250

Automatic systems for waste selection.

Medium size extruders, series EKT FW-ESSE/M with output of 500 – 1000 kg/hr.

BSW Lamination line model EKT FW L300/7000

Dynamic dryer with decontamination system for USW (urban solid waste).

Compound reactor modelo FW-REAK with output of 200 – 1500 kg/hr.

BSW Lamination line modelo EKT FW-L200/600

BSW Profiles line, series FW-HK with output of 150 – 800 kg/hr.

Automatized grinders series FW-MUEH with output of 1000 – 3000 kg/hr.

Production lines dedicated software for automatic control.

Special laboratory extrudes for extrusion of films, boards, profiles and pellets.

Laboratory extruder model FW-ESE20/25 BF.

Screw and barrels for extruders with diamater up to 300mm and legth up to 17000mm.

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